10 lb Horizontal Aluminum Tank

10 lb Horizontal Aluminum Tank


This 10 lb horizontal aluminum propane tank will hold roughly 2.3 gallons. This is a great tank for marine use it is light weight and is great for boats! This tank must be used in its horizontal position but filled in a vertical position. This is a great propane tank whenever a light weight horizontal propane tank is required. Great for marine (boat/ship) applications as well. This tank is equipped with an OPD device in the fill valve. Manchester Tank may be slightly different than pictured.

Product Description

ThisĀ 10 lb Horizontal Aluminum Tank is portable and safe, supplying LP gas for a variety of needs.

Additional Information


2.3 Gallons

Empty Weight

11.6 Lbs

Full Weight

21.6 Lbs

Cylinder Diameter


Cylinder Height


Cylinder Length




MFG Part Number



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